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Geni's story of cervical cancer

On Februaury 15, 2006 my world stopped.  I heard those awful words, "it's stage 2 carcinoma".  Working in a hospital, I knew what this meant and all I could think was, "what about my kids".  I then heard my doctor say, "Don't go selling everything you own because you will beat this." 

When did this start?  Well, I am not exactly sure when...  I can tell you what I do know.  I started noticing changes a year or so before that day.  I had slowly noticed changes in my cycle (for lack of a better word here).  I didn't think much of it, I was getting older and of course we all know that our bodies change as we get older.  I never even really thought that anything would be wrong until around the end of 2005.  Things had gotten so bad for me that I was missing work during "that time of the month".  I knew something just wasn't right, but was scared to admit it.  I had made an appointment to see my doctor for November 2005, but work was so busy that I cancelled the appointment.  I went on through the holiday season and in then in January, again I was sent to bed during my cycle.  I had a friend that made me promise that I would make an appointment and keep it this time.  So, I did.  January 26, 2006 I went in to see my doctor.  He listened to what was going on and examined me and said he didn't see anything to worry about.  He was going to do a procedure to help me out.  I was happy when I left that day. 

During that visit he had ran "pre-op tests" for the procedure that he was going to be doing.  Nothing out of the normal, so I again didn't think anything about it.  Then, a week later I get a phone call from the office.  They told me that when I go in for my "pre-op visit" that they were going to have to do a biopsy.  Said that a test came back abnormal, but it was common and I didn't need to worry.  After talking to the nurses that I work with, they all said it was common.. so I didn't worry.  On February 13, 2006 I went in for my biopsy, it was very uncomfortable and during the visit I becamse scared.  It was as if I knew....  It all finally hit home.  I really think there was a part of me that knew what was going to be found.  Then on Februaury 15, 2006 I got that phone call. 

On February 20, 2006 I had surgery, a complete hysterectomy.  I was in the hospital for a little of 24 hours then able to come home to recover.  It was a long, hard recovery, but well worth the results.  On February 23, 2006 my doctor called me with pathology reports...  he said that he got it all.  What a relief!  I was able to relax now and let my body heal.  I was blessed in the fact that I didn't need chemo or radiation and that once I was recovered from the surgery that my life could go back to some sort of normal.  I went back to the doctor in April 2007 for my yearly check-up and I was still cancer free.  I live with the thought that this could come back, but with God's grace it won't.... and if it does with God on my side I can beat it again! 

Do you know that cervical cancer can be caused by a virus?  Some strains of HPV can cause cervical cancer!  There is a vacination out now that could help prevent some forms of cervical cancer!!! 

PLEASE be sure to get your yearly check up.  Cervical cancer can be beaten if caught EARLY! 


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