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We have been fortunate enough to receive emails or letters from our visitors about what we do and our products.  

Here is a spot where we share those.  Names have been removed to protect privacy.  We will be adding more soon.....

The site in general


~I would like to start by saying "thank you" for what your doing.  In the world now a days everyone seems to be worried about themselves,not so much there fellow man or women.  You are here to show us all that this world  is made of so many people, and like us all everyone needs some help now and then. We(Michigan people) have great hearts, we are a blue collar state for the most part and we want to help out because you never know when you might need a hand.

I guess what I am saying all in all is that thank you for opening my eyes and so many others, to helping so many with a little love and a gentle helping hand.~



Our Products


~Hi - I recently received your "strength" necklace and wanted to tell you what it meant to my mom.  My mom recently had a liver resection surgery for colon cancer that has spread.  This was following some very rough chemo treatments.  She was just diagnosed in May and this has been very hard on all of us.  My son and I live upstairs from my parents and are very close.  My son, who is 11, wanted to give his grandma "strength" because she kept saying she was praying for strength to get through the surgery.  Well, all went well and she came home is now recovering and facing 6 more months of chemo.  My son gave her the necklace and it meant so much to everyone to see him be able to give it her and to see my mom's reaction.  She has not taken it off.  Thank you.  I was glad to order this gift from your site particulary since some of the money goes to women who need hope.  You and your husband are doing a wonderful thing.  ~





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