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Are you a non- profit organization?

No. We are a small business that is earning profits.   We are donating to the charities as a way to give back to organizations that help women.

Can I claim anything on my taxes because I purchased something from Women For Hope?

No.  Because we are not a non-profit agency, you can not claim a donation on your taxes and because we are not charging a higher price than traditional retail for any item.

Can I donate to any of the organizations without buying a product?

Yes.  Please follow the links provided on the Charities page to go to their website and find out how to donate to the charity you are interested in.

Are any of the charities directly associated with Women For Hope?

We are not directly associated with any of the charitable organizations listed on the site.  However, each organization has been contacted and given approval to be listed.  We have also carefully investigated each organization and are only donating to reputable and highly respected organizations.

Why does it take 4-7 business days for an order to ship?

Most of the products we offer are handmade, so we customize each order as it comes in.   We appreciate your patience.  During holiday times, we hope to reduce the lead time.

What Payment Options do you take?

We take Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover and PayPal right on line.   Everything is process through a secure line.  We also will take mail orders with payment of either a check, money order, or credit card.   Put your order through and it will give you an option to print it off and send it to us.   Orders will NOT be processed until payment is received.

I have a charity I would like to see featured on Women For Hope.   What should I do?

Contact us at info@womenforhope.com and we will get back with you to discuss this.

I have a lot of allergies.  Can I get an ingredient list for the Bath and Body products?

Yes, please email us at shop@womenforhope.com and we will email you the list.\

Do you have a store where I can see products in person?

No, we currently sell mainly on our site. However, if you are in the Detroit, Michigan area, we can arrange to hold a "House Party" at your home where you can invite your friends and family to see our products.  We are also planning on being at a few craft shows at Christmas time and holding a few open houses at our home through out the year.   Email us at info@womenforhope.com to be placed on our mailing list for future updates.


Have a question you don't see answered here,  e-mail us at info@womenforhope.com and we will be happy to respond.





Women for Hope is for informational purposes only.  If you need physical or mental help, please contact your local medical office.  The charities involved do not endorse and are not directly affiliated with Women for Hope or the product offered on this site.  However, permission has been received by Women for Hope to use their names and/or logos. and links to their websites.

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